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I learned to make this vellum pocket book at my local scrapbook store. In this mini scrapbook you use any patterned vellum paper to make the pockets. This gives your pockets a kind of opaque, muted view of your tags or paper inside the pockets.
The binding on these mini pocket scrapbooks is also unique -- made with craft wire and ribbon.
I hope you enjoy making these fast and easy mini books!

Materials Needed to Create Vellum Pocket Book:

3 pieces 12 x 12 patterned vellum paper
2 pieces 6 x 6 patterned or stamped paper
6 pieces 4-1/4 x 5-1/2 white cardstock
3 pieces of ribbon - 5" each
3 pieces of craft wire - 5" each
Double Sided Tape
Optional: An embellishment for the front cover


If stamping front and back covers, do that first. If using patterned paper proceed to the next step.
Fold each piece of vellum in half lengthwise and width-wise so that the open ends are up and to the left.

Starting from the right back cover, layout your pieces so that each page is layered in to the left 1/4 inch or so. Paper clip to hold in place.

Turn over and cut so that the left binding edge is even. This is a little difficult to cut through all the layers. If you have a paper cutter with a sharp blade this works best, but even then I had to go back and even it up a bit with my scissors.

Punch 3 holes to the left to create the binding of your pocket book.

To Create the Twist Tie Binding:

Lay out your ribbon pieces. Lay a piece of double-sided tape on top of each piece of ribbon. Put a piece of crafting wire on top of double-sided tape. Fold ribbon in half lengthwise. Feed through holes in your mini scrapbook. Twist over once. Using a pencil, needle nose pliers, or even chopsticks, curl each end of wire out into a curly Q.
Attach embellishment to the front cover if desired.

Decorate white cardstock with stamps, embellishments and/or photos. You could also make these white pieces of cardstock into tags and add fibers, et cetera.

Optional: You can fold over the corner of your pockets if you like. I chose to do that on my first page, but not on the others.

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