Triangular Around Book

By Jaine Drake

The Ultimate Mini Album Website

The Triangular Around Book is very similar to the Square Around Book. Jaine has once again graciously provided the instructions to us for a very special mini scrapbook album!

Materials Needed to Create a Triangular Around Book:

* 2 sheets of double sided 12 inch x 12 inch scrapbook cardstock
* An extra sheet of 12 inch x 12 inch for the inserts
* Thick cardstock or book board for the covers
* Patterned scrapbook paper to decorate and cover the book   board
*  Ribbon


Cut the double sided cardstock into 4 pieces each measuring 8 inches x 6 inches.

Fold each piece in half along the shorter width and then score from corner to corner. Carefully fold along these score lines.

When all four pieces have been scored and folded, make sure that the straight fold is on a mountain fold and the diagonal folds are valley folds.

Fold up as shown in the following pictures, bringing the straight folds in to meet each other, while the diagonal folds form a triangle shape.

Jaine shows us step by step here exactly how to fold.  These photos are worth a thousand words and are so much easier to follow then a video for me.

Pinch them together in the middle as shown below.

Using your index finger bring the top fold down to meet the bottom.

There - one page is done.  Repeat for all your other pages.

Glue the pages on top of each other so you end up with a pile of folded triangular pages.

Using the pages as a template, draw around them onto the thick cover cardstock and cut out two cover triangles. Use the patterened scrapbook paper to cover them. Glue the covers onto either end of the pile of folded pages and sandwich a piece of ribbon in between to tie the book closed.

Here it is tied closed.

Again, using the book as a template, draw around it onto some decorative papers to make triangular shaped inserts for your pictures. In my book I managed to get all but one of the inserts from the left over pieces of scrapbook cardstock and also created some tabs to go along the edges.

The book can be tied around like a star book or left as it is.

This book was a Christmas mini album, but obviously you can create them in any theme.

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