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I learned about the ticket book from the book Re-Bound: Creating Handmade Books from Recycled and Repurposed Materials. I truly think this is one of my favorite books on making books out of recycled items.

I want to apologize for the coloring in the photos for this project. It was a rainy day the day I made this and the lighting and my camera skills were just not a good mix.  But you should easily be able to understand the steps used in creating this book.

To make this mini book you will need two contrasting colors of tickets. You can purchase these tickets at office supply and party supply stores. I totally lucked out and got three different colors at a yard sale! Have I mentioned I love going to yard sales just for all the great crafting items to be found? :-)

Supplies Needed for Ticket Book:

So you will need:

  • 6 strips of 4 tickets of one color and 10 strips of 3 tickets of another color.
  • Two 3 inch by 5 inch pieces of scrapbook paper
  • Nine 5-3/4 inch by 5 inch pieces of paper for the inside pages
  • Masking Tape
  • Glue Stick
  • Bookbinding Thread and Needle

Take three of the 4-ticket lengths and line them up vertically. Place a piece of masking tape across the top of the three tickets with the bottom of the tape 1-1/2" from the top of the tickets. The original instructions said to use low-tack tape, but I didn't have any. I read on the internet that if you stick the tape to your clothes you can make your own low tack tape. Although I tried this, it still pulled some of the ticket up when I took the tape off. Then I realized if I was careful it didn't really matter because the pieces where the tape is placed is actually folded over or cut off and never shows in the finished book.

Adhere another piece of masking tape across the bottom. It can overhang a bit.

Weave the other colored tickets over and under the vertical tickets, alternating whether you begin over or under the first ticket. Tape down both ends of these horizontal rows.

Remove tape from table and turn over. Remove tape from horizontal sides. Fold over the first, third and fifth tickets so that they are flush with the vertical tickets. Glue down with a glue stick. I found I needed to place something heavy on top until the glue dries. Remove tape from vertical sides. Fold over the middle ticket on the vertical tickets. Glue down.

Cut off all the other edges so that everything is even.

Repeat these steps for the remaining tickets to create the back cover.

Adhere decorative scrapbook paper to the backs of each cover.

Binding this book is extra fun because the loops in the tickets are part of the binding.

Fold your inside pages in half. Use a piece of scrap paper the same size for a template. Place it next to one of the covers and mark a line where the tickets meet on the cover. You will have four lines.

Stack all the pages for your inside pages together. Using your marked template punch holes into the center of your signatures.

Cut a piece of bookbinding thread about 30". Begin at the bottom of the cover of your ticket book and slip needle and thread through the first ticket. Leave a few inches hanging out. Enter the bottom hole of the signature from the outside.

Come up the next hole and thread through the middle ticket.

Pull the thread close to the spine edge.

Go back in the third hole and exit the 4th hole.

Go through the top ticket.

Take your back cover and bring the thread across the top of the signature and under the top ticket.

Sew the back cover to the signature in the same way you sewed the front cover to the signature.

Your inside signature will look like this.

When you get to the bottom ticket on the back cover of your ticket book, bring the thread underneath the book to the front again and under the first bottom ticket again and into the bottom hole.

Take the needle off the bottom of the thread. Re-thread it with the tail thread. Go across the ticket book to the back cover. Go under the first ticket again and into the hold in the signature at the bottom. Tie in a knot and trim.

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