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How to Turn an Old Book into an Art Journal

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This string binding is an easy way to turn an old book into an art journal. And ti is super easy to do. You start with an old, vintage book. I get these extremely cheap at yard sales and thrift shops.

Using an Exacto knife, carefully cut out the book block leaving only the covers. Trim up any scraggly bits.

Reinforce the binding with either book cloth or good old duck tape. The duck tape now comes in a variety of colors, making it more fun than ever!

Using an Exacto knife and a metal ruler, cut a slit near the top of the binding area, going not quite all the way across.

Do the same thing near the bottom of the binding.

For each signature, run a piece of string or embroidery floss from the top slit, around the spine of the book and through the bottom slit.

On the outside of the book, tie your string in a knot and trim.

For the inside signatures, cut or tear papers to fit your book's size. You will be folding these in half, so keep that in mind as you are measuring. A trick to tearing paper is to use a metal ruler and set it right on the edge you want to tear. Then gently tear towards you. Perfect tears every time. Next, stack as many pages as will comfortably fit in each signature and slide them under one of the strings, resting the string in the middle. I used 5 pages per signature and had 3 signatures in my string binding book.

You can make your pages from a variety of things. I love using old children's books, wallpaper, sheet music, scrapbook papers, etc.

You can also insert small ephemera items you may come across that would add interest.

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