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By Jaine Drake

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We are so blessed to have this tutorial for the square around mini album.  When Jaine mentioned a new book she was teaching in her workshops, I asked her if she would please give us the instructions in the form of a tutorial for the website, which she has graciously done. I have also heard these mini scrapbooks referred to as "room books" because of the four little rooms that are created in the book.  I saw a really cute idea once where someone stacked one of these on top of the other and created a small doll house.  Super charming!  They used wallpaper looking scrapbook papers, etc.  You could really get creative.

Materials Needed for Square Around Mini Album:

4 sheets of square scrapbook cardstock 12" x 12"
2 squares of thick cardstock for the covers, cut to 6-1/8"
Patterned scrapbook paper to cover
About 30" of ribbon, cut in half

Take your 12" x 12" scrapbook cardstock and fold in half. Turn 90 degrees and fold in half again. Fold corner to corner.


Re-fold if necessary with patterned side upwards, so the square folds are all valley folds and the diagonal folds are mountain folds.

Taking the bottom left corner, bring it up to meet the top. You should now end up with a three-sided shape.

Run a thin line of glue or double sided tape down the outer edge only of the triangular shaped flap creating a pocket.

Repeat this for all 4 pages, then fold them all flat.

Glue all the pages on top of one another with glue or double sided tape.

Cover the thick cardstock with patterned scrapbook papers and stick onto the front and back of the pile of pages sandwiching the ribbons in between.

The book opens out to form a square shape, and the pockets which were formed during the folding are perfect pockets for tags.

In the above picture, the book on the left was made using 8 x 8" squares and 4 x 4 squares of thick cardstock for the covers. When decorating with pictures and embellishments you have to take into consideration that the bottom square will be folded in and so anything glued down on this surface will need to be placed on the side of the fold or cut to accommodate it.

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