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This shirt book makes a great Father's Day gift! I made one for my dad last year and filled it with little memories that I remember from my growing up years. Things like him always playing three flies up with my brother and my sister and I, biting my pony's ear one time (Yes, he did!), taking us camping, things like that. He absolutely loved it. I think the book actually charmed him.  You can also make it as a simple card with just one piece of cardstock inside.  But since this is a website about mini scrapbooks, well, we are going to make it as a mini album.  :-)

Supplies Needed to Create Shirt Book:

1 piece of 8-1/2 x 11 decorative scrapbook paper, lightweight is best and it is okay if it is NOT double sided
Buttons and any other embellishments you desire


Fold a piece of 8-1/2 x 11 scrapbook paper in half lengthwise as shown.

Open up and then fold each side into the middle or center line as shown.

Open folds back out and fold the corners into the first fold line on each side as shown above.

Take the inside corner and take it out to meet the outside edge, making sure that the edge lines up as square as possible.

Do this on both sides.

Fold over and fold the crease flat, using a bone folder if you have one.

Flip it over and fold up bottom 1/2 inch or so as shown below.

Flip it back over the other way. Take the bottom corner and fold it to the center, creating a triangle shape fold about 5", basically going to the top in a narrowing fashion. Do this on both sides of the shirt as shown below.

Flip it over again and fold bottom up into the "collar" of the shirt as shown below.

Cut your inside pages to 3-1/2 x 3 inches. Adhere to the back page with double sided tape. I used a brad to bind my book pages together. You can bind them however you want.

Embellish the front with buttons or any other embellishments you wish.  You could even search Google for small tie images or templates and create either a bow tie or a regular tie for the front of the shirt.  Fill the inside pages with Father Quotes, memories of your dad, photos of you and your dad, etc.

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