Rubber Band Book

By Debi Devitt

The rubber band book is one of the quickest and easiest mini scrapbooks you can make. You can use any size and color of rubber band -- you just cut your papers to size accordingly. You want your paper to be slightly bigger than your rubber band.

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The rubber bands that come on vegetables are perfect for this project because they are usually somewhat wide. Mine came from my asparagus I cooked the other night.

I cut my papers 6 x 3. I used one piece of double sided 12 x 12 cardstock and got 8 pieces out of it. This would also be a great project for using up your scraps!

Fold all of your papers exactly in half and stack together, one inside another, nesting them.

Place the rubber band around the front of the book and the inside pages near the center spine.

I added a bunch of tabs to the page edges because I love tabs. :-)  You can purchase these from a variety of sources, you can punch them with a tab punch, or you can even make your own.

For a bit more advanced book, you can create several small mini scrapbooks in this way and adhere the back of one to the front of the next, creating a larger mini album.  If you used different colors and widths of rubber bands it would make for a very interesting little book.  Embellish your pages in any way you wish.  You can add photo mats, scrapbook embellishments, journaling spots, et cetera.

These would also make great little school projects or girl scout projects.  Another idea is to put the supplies out at a birthday party and let the guests each create a little book for themselves or the birthday child as a momento.

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