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saw a You Tube video on making this recycled soap box book a while back and thought it would make a great addition to our recycled/upcycled section of the website.

One empty soap box
20 pieces of scrapbook paper 4-1/2 x 3-1/2
4 pieces of decorative scrapbook paper 3-13/16 x 2-1/4 (Can be two different kinds)
2 pieces decorative scrapbook paper 3-13/16 x 1-1/2

Open your soap box up completely and cut off all the flaps.

Attach your decorative scrapbook paper to the 3 outside and 3 inside surfaces of the soap box.

Apply a thin layer of Modge Podge to all surfaces. Let dry.

Take your 20 pieces of scrapbook paper and fold them in half. Stack in groups of 4 together to create 5 signatures. Small leftover scraps are perfect to use for the pages of this mini book.

Using a piece of scrap paper the same size as the spine, mark off 5 vertical lines and 3 horizontal lines to use as a template for binding your book.

Using a piercing tool or awl, punch holes in your signatures in the crease on the 3 horizontal lines.

Also pierce holes on the inside spine where all lines intersect.

Take your first signature and line it up with the first row of holes. Coming from the outside of the spine insert the needle into the center hole leaving a tail of a couple of inches.

Go back out the top hole and then back in the bottom hole.

Go back out the center hole. You have completed your first signature!

Take your second signature and line it up with the second row of holes. Repeat exactly as you did the first signature.

Repeat for all 5 signatures.

Weave thread up and down through binding until you get back to the starting side and tie a knot. Trim.

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