Potato Chip Book

What a great way to recycle potato chip bags - by creating a potato chip book mini scrapbook. These also make great notebooks, art journals, sketchbooks, et cetera.

Try different types of potato chip bags for these books. The only requirement is that they should be the foil-backed chip bags. Cut your potato chip bag down the right hand edge and wash the inside with soap and water.

Cut the bag down to the size you want your book. Try to preserve the images from the potato chip bag to some degree.

Cut a piece of Tyvek about 1/2" smaller all around than your outside cover. Tyvek is that very durable envelope material. Watch your mail - you probably get it quite frequently and can use it to create these books. Glue the Tyvek to the back of your book cover.

Trim the corners of your cover at an angle and fold over each edge and glue down.

Cut another piece from the same potato chip bag slightly smaller than the outside cover so that it covers the Tyvek.

Fold in half. Cut papers for the inside slightly smaller than the cover.

For binding the book together, I used the simple pamphlet stitch binding.

The directions for making the potato chip bag book below with the pencil closure can be found in the fantastic book called Re-Bound: Creating Handmade Books from Recycled and Repurposed Materials. I love this book and have found lots of really cool projects in it.

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