Gift Bag and Pocket Fold Book

By Jaine Drake

A reader of the website recently requested the directions for this pocket fold book. When Jaine came up with the directions she included a variation using a gift bag, which is absolutely charming.  The first tutorial here is for the book using a gift bag as the cover.  Directly following these instructions are instructions for if you do not want to use a gift bag for your cover, but just want to make a regular mini album scrapbook with your own cover using chipboard and scrapbook paper.  This book is also known as a map fold book.

Materials Used:
A gift bag, the sort you buy to put a gift or a bottle in with handles at the top.
A sheet of 12 inch by 12 inch scrapbook paper cut twice the width of the bag on both sides.

With the reverse side of the patterened paper facing you, fold it in half widthways.

Fold diagonally in both directions making a cross. These folds need to be valley folds.

Fold both sides into the center mark and crease.

You should now be able to fold as shown by pushing the mountain folds into the center.

Open out again and fold the corners in as shown in the photographs.

You should now be able to once again fold up the book as shown below.

For the outside part, dissect the bag by cutting off the bottom and cutting down the sides to create a front and a back. I also took out my string but only because it ran all the way around the top of the bag and would restrict the opening. I know a lot of bags come with two separate strings front and back, in which case it's not necessary to take them out.

Glue the inside to the front and back covers.

Your gift bag is now ready to decorate.

The Pocket Fold Book

The same fold can be used to make the pocket fold book. Here I've used three pieces of scrapbook paper cut to 8 inches by 8 inches and folded all three in the same way as above. They are then glued back to back and glued down to two 4 inch by 4 inch chipboard covers. A piece of ribbon was sandwiched in between the back cover and pages to create a tie closure.

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