Pocket Book

by Jaine Drake

To make this pocket book you will need:

1 piece of colored cardstock 24 inches x 9 inches (not too thick or heavy as it will be difficult to fold)
2 pieces of 6 inches by 6 inches book board for the covers
Patterned scrapbook paper
About 25 inches of ribbon

Instructions to Create Pocket Book Mini Album:

Cover the book board with the patterned scrapbook paper.  If you cut the corners at an angle you can easily make a mitered corner, which gives it a nice finished look.  You do not have to cover both sides of the book board; just one side, as the white side will be adhered to the bones of the book in a later step.

Fold the 24 inch by 9 inch cardstock accordion style by folding in half then turning over and folding each end into the center. I know sometimes it will be difficult to find cardstock in this size, so you can follow the instructions for the accordion book, using 12 inch by 9 inch paper and adhering together.

Open out and mark 6 inches down on both ends. Fold lengthways on this mark. Take time to line up the edges and crease with the back of a spoon, scissors handle or a bone folder.

Take ribbon and lay it across the center of one of the cover cards. Secure ribbon with tape.

The pocket edges can be closed by machine sewing or a small brad at the ends of the pages.  Another option is decorative washi tape.

Making sure the folded pocket is at the bottom, glue the front and back covers to the folded pages.

Decorate as you wish and use the pockets to hold tags or extra pages.

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