Paper Flowers

These paper flowers look like they would be really difficult to make, but they are really quite easy and make a stunning embellishment for a mini scrapbook, or the front for a greeting card.

Punch out 11 circles on double-sided paper. I used my 1-1/4" punch, but you could use whatever size you have.  Your final flower will just be a bit different in size.

Fold each circle in half.

Open circle back up and flip over. Fold each bottom corner to the center, creating a point as shown.

Flip over to the other side again and fold each side up to the center fold.

Do this with all 11 petals.

Starting with one petal, glue onto a nice contrasting cardstock or scrapbook paper. Glue the second petal close to the first, being careful to lift the little flap to press the edges close together and not letting any of the cardstock show through.

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Continue in this manner until you have all the petals on the page in a circle creating your flower.

Place a button, a bead, or an eyelet in the center of the flower to finish it off.

You can cut away the cardstock around the flower to use on any mini scrapbook you are making.  You could also just leave it on the cardstock and use it for a card making front or something similar.  You could also create a few to bunch together on the front of a mini album.  If you have several different sizes of circle punches you could do several different sizes and arrange them into a pleasing arrangement for the front of your mini scrapbook album.  Remember too, if you do not have a circle punch, that is okay!  You can find anything circular in your house that you could use to trace around, such as a medicine bottle lid, smallish jars, et cetera.  Do not just think, oh, I can not do that tutorial because I do not have a circle punch.  Think outside the box.

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