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I have always loved paper dolls since I was a little girl. I am still fascinated by them! They are inexpensive (even free online) and so much fun. When my Yahoo Group decided to do a round robin where we pick our own theme for each of our mini scrapbooks this theme was a no brainer for me!

How I Made My Paper Dolls Book:

I used the larger sized paper bags that measure about 8-1/2 inches by 7 inches -- you know like for Chinese take-out or the keep it cold bags at Wal Mart.

While I really liked the dolls that I found on the internet, I wanted to do something to change them up -- so I gave them new faces. Meet Monica and Mariah. I went through my old photos that I was not going to scrapbook because they were doubles or whatever and looked for pictures that had the right body proportions. One is a friend from church and the other is my daughter's best friend.

I created the pockets with a shorter piece of scrapbook paper and some eyelets.

It will now go on to the other gals in my group who signed up for this swap and they will add their own dolls and fun. It is already a little bit thick so I used one of Teresa Collins' Perfect Closures (inked this time) to hold it all closed. Now I will sit back and wait to see what their themes are and what I will create in their books. If you would like to make your own paper doll paper bag album, you can download the dolls I used here. I usually just print the dolls out on cardstock and the clothes on regular nice 25 pound paper and then cut them out and have fun. You could put just a few outfits in each pocket page, rather than the whole wardrobe in one pocket as I had to to save room for my friends' work.

You can get a whole lot of free printable paper dolls at

Postscript:  Sadly, as these types of swaps sometimes go, I never did get this book back and it has been several years now.  But I still love it and I think what a wonderful book to make for a little girl, filling each two page spread with a different doll and her wardrobe.  On the pullouts you can print out some printable toy furniture or something similar.

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Free Vintage Paper Dolls

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