How to Make Paper Beads

By Debi Devitt

Paper beads are super easy to make. They are great to hang from ribbons and bindings on your mini scrapbooks. I've created a template for you to use. Place this on the back of the paper you are going to use and trace around it. Scrapbook papers and even magazine papers are great, colorful choices for this project.

Cut out the paper you've traced onto. Then cut in half where the line on the template is. So you will get two beads from each one.

Taking one of your triangles apply adhesive -- I used glue stick -- to the top, smaller half.
Using a skewer or knitting needle, or something similar, start rolling your bead up from the bottom as shown.

Once you've rolled it all the way up, slide it off your skewer or knitting needle. I like to make up a bunch of these and have them on hand for my projects.

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