Scrunched Paper Bag Background Technique

My friend, Francine taught me this scrunched paper bag background technique.  We used to try to get together to try new techniques that we had each read about on the internet.  It was always great fun. 


Cut out a piece of a paper bag whatever size you want to make. Scrunch it up real tight. Now get it nice and wet in the sink.  Bring it over to you work area.

Open it up onto your work surface.  I used another paper bag to work on so as to not mess up my table.  I often use paper bags or scrap papers.  If you use these over and over again you oftentimes end up with some fabulous papers that you can use in a project!

Now using three colors of acrylic paints (two complimentary colors, plus one metallic color), drop paint in various areas of the wet paper bag.  You can use cheap craft paints for this project and it comes out just fine.  The metallic paint is the key to making your papers really pop.

Using a brayer, make quick, short strokes to spread the paint all over the paper bag.

Let it dry and then cut to the size needed for your project.

I like to make a day of just making these types of backgrounds, experimenting with all kinds of different color combinations.  It is rather hilarious because I will have them drying all over the house.  Always my dear husband is sweet and understanding.  He loves that I enjoy my crafting time.

These background pages are great for your altered books, mini albums, art journals, greeting cards, scrapbook pages, ATC cards, et cetera.

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