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The pamphlet stitch is probably one of the most simple book binding techniques you can do. Use it for small, simple books.  I use it all the time and I will show you a couple of extra examples at the end of the tutorial.

Simple Pamphlet Stitch Instructions:

Center your inside pages into your book. Lay the book and inside pages open. Using a large needle or piercing tool create 3 holes - one in the center, and one 2" out from the center on each side. (A centering ruler comes in handy for this but is not absolutely necessary.)

Cut a piece of embroidery thread 18 inches. Using an embroidery needle, come up from the outside into the center hole, leaving a tail of thread of about 3 inches or so. It does not need to be exact.  You just want enough so that it does not easily pull through and to tie off later.

Now go down through the top hole from the inside to the outside.

Now go all the way down to the bottom hole from the outside to the inside.

Finally, go from the bottom back to the center, from the inside to the outside of the book.

Tie off the threads into a knot, leaving the ends hanging.

Below are some other books that I have used this stitch with.  Most of these photos show the stitch with embroidery thread, but you can certainly use it with thicker book binding materials.  I just use what I have on hand most of the time.

I love making these collage books.  I take an old sheet of rolled wallpaper that I got at a yard sale for almost free.  Cut a sheet to the size I want my book.  I glue on bits of scrapbook paper and then sew on it with my sewing machine.  I find and cut inside pages to fit the book and then bind it up using this stitch.  I am trying in the photo above to show you the stitch, but it is kind of hard to see on the edge there.  In any event, this is the stitch I use on these types of books all the time.

Here is the front of the book with the correct orientation - just so you can see.  Experiment and try using this stitch for a variety of books.

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