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The never ending mini scrapbook is a very intriguing mini album. It folds 4 different ways and then finally back to its original starting point.

Directions to Make a Never Ending Mini Scrapbook:

Cut two pieces of 12 inch by 12 inch double sided cardstock in half. Score at 3 inches vertically. Turn over and score again so that you've scored both sides.

Score short ends of all four sheets at 3 inches.

Lay two of the 6 x 4 sheets horizontally side by side. Put double sided scrapbook tape or other scrapbook adhesive in the four corners.

Put the other two sheets of 6 x 4 paper on top of the horizontal sheets vertically.

Fold both vertical sides out.

Fold both vertical sides all the way around. You should have two 6 inch squares.

Unfold both sides.

Turn scrapbook over. Fold the top flap up and bottom flap down.

Fold back out flat. There are two side flaps. Make sure one of them on each side is folded in and one is folded out.

Pick up center rectangle and squares and turn up, at the same time folding whole top section back and out of the way.

Do the same thing for the bottom.

To Decorate:
Cut two pieces of cardstock to fit the center panels, approximately 5-3/4 x 5-3/4. These are perfect for larger photos. You can decorate the other 8 squares either in twos or singularly, depending on what you want to do.

Open to the next section of your mini scrapbook. Here is another great place for two larger photos on the larger panels and smaller photographs or scrapbook embellishments on the smaller panels.

Flip the mini album to the next position. On this one I chose to do four smaller rectangle pieces across the middle, but you can also do two larger square photo mats in this same space.

Flip the mini album to the next position and decorate it in the same manner.

If you flip it one more time, you will be back to the beginning position.

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