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I first learned the melted crayon background technique when I was a young woman and I was working in a preschool. The children loved to do this, and I have to admit, I did too! I will be giving you many warnings throughout this tutorial because you will be working with a hot plate and it can get hot and burn you if you're not careful. The mother in me just has to warn you to be careful.


Start with some old crayons. Those old, broken crayons will work just fine!

You will also need a hot plate, a piece of foil and a piece of paper for your background paper. Place the piece of foil over the hot plate and turn the hot plate on a low to medium heat.

Put your piece of paper on top of the foil. Take crayons at random and as you press them gently onto the paper and swirl them around they start to easily melt. Be very careful not to burn your hand! Try different color combinations. Experiment with blotting and blending in different ways. Toilet paper rolls make great tools for making nice circles. Lay the crayons flat and melt to get a different look. Again, be careful not to burn yourself! You can even let some wax pool in areas to give it a thicker waxy look in areas. Write words in the wax with another crayon or an eraser head or similar object. Use your imagination and do not be afraid to try new things.

Lay on a cookie sheet or other area to let cool completely before handling. Make sure you unplug and turn off your hot plate when you are done. :-) Have fun creating your own melted crayon background!

Use as a background paper in your scrapbooks, journaling spots, photo mats, art journals, etc.

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