Maze Book

By Jaine Drake

The Ultimate Mini Album Website

This maze book mini album is a great little 3 inch by 3 inch book that is just perfect to put into a handbag or to give as a gift.

Materials Needed:

1 sheet of 12 inch x 12 inch scrapbook cardstock
1 piece of 6-1/2 inch x 3 inch cardstock
Various small pieces of scrapbook papers, ribbons and embellishments

Instructions to Create Maze Book:

Take the 12 inch x 12 inch piece of scrapbook cardstock or scrapbook paper and mark at 3 inches, 6 inches and 9 inches. Score at these lines and fold accordion style. Turn the paper 90 degrees and do the same thing in the other direction. Your page should now be divided into 16 equal portions.

To create the inside pages you need to take a cutting knife and straight edged ruler and cut from the left to right across the first and third folds only as far as the last portion of the cardstock. Then cut the middle fold starting from right to left this time, but only as far as the last portion again.

Now to fold all of the pages together. Starting at the top left hand corner fold each page accordion style until you get to the end, where you fold all of the folded pages underneath the first one on the second row. Keep folding accordion style and once again fold all of the pages underneath the first page on the following row. Repeat until you have all of the pages folded together into a nice 3 inch by 3 inch square.

Next take the smaller, 6-1/2 inch x 3 inch cardstock and mark it at 3 inches and at 3-1/2 inches and score on both of these lines. Fold along the scored lines to make a cover for the mini album.

Adhere the front and back pages into the cover.

Now you are ready to decorate your mini scrapbook. You can use the pockets in the pages to hold tags, or as I've found they are the perfect size for holding ATC's. You could also make very cool pull outs with photos on them.  Close the pockets at the bottom with brads, staples, a thin line of double sided tape or anything else creative you can think of.  You could even sew this closed on a sewing machine.  Sewing on paper is great!

That is it!  A very simple yet adorable mini album scrapbook!

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