How to Make Your Own Paper Clasp

It is very simple to make your own paper clasp. It's great to know how to do this in a pinch or just for the charm of making your own!


Use the paper clasp template and cut two circles from chipboard. Also cut two from cardstock. You can actually use any circle that you have - perhaps you have a smaller circle punch or something around the house to help give you a good circle shape. The template is provided for those who need it.

Adhere the round cardstock pieces to the round chipboard pieces. Ink around the outside to give a finished look.

To adhere the paper clasps to your book or project, pierce holes using a piercing tool or even a thumbtack to where you want your clasps to be on your book, as well as a hole in the center of the clasp. Attach with brads.

Wrap ribbon, yard, twine or even embroidery floss around the left clasp and tie off in a knot under the clasp so that it cannot be seen. Wrap the ribbon around your mini book's back and then wrap around the right hand clasp. Finally, do figure 8's between the two paper clasps. Leave some ribbon hanging down.

Optional: Tie some beads at the end of the tie-off.

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