Making a Library Pocket Matchbook

To create a library pocket matchbook you will need:
Double sided cardstock measuring 3-1/2" x 12"
four library pockets cut out of double sided cardstock
4 pieces of solid cardstock measuring 4-1/2" x 3"
2 Fancy Pants flowers (or something similar)
2 mini brads
a piece of ribbon
glue stick or other adhesive.


Cut out 4 mini library pockets using this Library Pocket Template

Fold the library pockets up and the tabs to the back. Use adhesive to glue tabs down. Library Pocket gluing

Continue until you have 4 library pockets.

4 library pockets

Put adhesive down the front center of one of the library pockets.

Adhere front of library pocket with adhesive to back of another library pocket.
Do this with all library pockets until all four are attached.

Cut a piece of double sided cardstock 12" x 3-1-/2".
This will be your cover.
Fold the matchbook cover at 3", 3-3/4", 8" and 8-1/4".
At 11" fold back out to create a matchbook look.

Adhere front flap cover (at 11" mark) down.
Insert the four red library cards.

Glue stack of library pockets into cover.

Adhere two flowers to front of matchbook album cover using brads.
Tie ribbon around book to finish it off.

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