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By Debi Devitt

I am pretty sure that I originally saw this jeans pocket book project on My Craftivity's free projects newsletter. I adapted it a bit to utilize what I had on hand. I really love the fact that you have two good sized pockets in this mini scrapbook for tags and/or treasures.

Materials Needed:

2 pockets from a pair of old jeans
Ribbon - 30 inches or so
Cardstock - cut to fit the book
Fabric - Enough to make the inside spine and the inside of the book as a backing
Heat-N-Bond Light (or fabric glue)

Directions for Jeans Pocket Book:

Cut 2 pockets from a pair of old jeans. Make sure to get both the pocket and the backing fabric from the jeans so that you have a pocket.

Using your Heat-N-Bond Light fuse 2 pieces of fabric together approximately 2 inches x 5-1/2 inches. You could also use fabric glue to glue the wrong sides together.

Pin pockets to fabric and sew into place. Just the tops of the pockets need to touch each other. The fabric will make your spine.

Trim to fit your book (jeans pockets).

Adhere ribbon to inside of book using glue.

Cut out a piece of fabric and a piece of Heat-N-Bond Light the same size as the book. Adhere the fabric to the inside of the book using the Heat-N-Bond Light. Alternatively, you could use fabric glue for this step.

I also stitch around the outside of the pocket to add a decorative element and for added reinforcement. Just be careful to not sew the top of the pocket closed.

Cut cardstocks to fit in your mini album. I cut mine to 4-1/2 inches x 10-1/4 inches. Fold each piece of cardstock in half. Crease with a bone folder and stack together.
It's a little tricky to get them lined up with the spine in the book just so. I found it helps to stitch the pages together first and then stitch them into place into the book.

Cut 2 large tags to put in the pockets for additional photos or treasures. Embellish the front however you like.

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