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This tutorial is on creating a simple glue binding notebook. You can make these any size you wish, but I really like this size as it is the perfect size to keep in your purse for jotting down notes, making quick lists, trading phone numbers with someone, leaving a note for someone, et cetera. It could also be a great notebook to keep by the phone or at your desk. For the outside pages I used scraps of scrapbook paper that I tend to hold onto for just such a project. And I used scrap paper from our recycle bin for the inside pages, making it a great way to use up some of our recycled paper.

Materials Needed for Glue Binding Notebook:

2 pieces of cardstock cut to 4 inch x 6 inch
Stack of paper cut to 4 inch x 6 inch
A piece of decorative scrapbook paper 6 inch x 2-1/2 inches
White glue
Binder Clips
Waxed Paper
Heavy books


Place your two covers on both sides of your stack of papers. Even them up nice and square by tapping them on the table top several times. Clip them in place with the binder clips.

Run a strip of glue across the top edge. Brush it smooth so that it is not a big blog. Let it dry for a couple of minutes. Repeat, adding more glue across the top, brushing it smooth.

Let it dry a couple more minutes. Take off the clips and place your notebook between a sheet of waxed paper and then place heavy books on top of it. Let it dry overnight.

Take your piece of small decorative scrapbook paper and center it on the spine of your book. Create folds along the edges of where this piece of scrapbook paper falls along your spine and crease it with a bone folder. Glue onto the spine of your book. Let it dry. That is it! It is super simple and you have just created a cool little notebook! These make great gifts as well for teachers, friends and relatives. Another neat idea is to have a group of kids make them at a birthday party as a party favor to take home.  It is pretty easy if you have everything prepared ahead of time.

Optional is to embellish your notebook in any way you wish. I did not embellish this one because I want to carry it in my purse and did not want the embellishments to get messed up. 

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