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This folding mini scrapbook is pretty simple to make, takes minimal supplies, but is very delightful. Somebody told me that it is also referred to as a Map Book. Whatever name you call it, it is an easy to make mini album.

Supplies For Folding Mini Scrapbook:

1 piece of double-sided cardstock 12 x 12
1 piece of ribbon
Additional scrapbook paper for photo matting
Scrapbook embellishments


Score your piece of double-sided cardstock at 4 inches in every direction. The Scor-Pal is the perfect tool for this job.

Flip your double sided scrapbook paper over and score at 3-3/4 inches, but only up two of the squares. Do this again on the opposite end.

So in the photo above you would score the 3-3/4 inch line on the upper right two squares and the lower left two squares (8 inches each side). Using a craft knife or scissors, cut the notched area of one square on each of these double scored areas.

Now cut on the score line one square above the notched area on each side.

Fold your mini scrapbook up, folding in the sides that do not have the double scoring first. So you will fold some from the top and some from the bottom, finally meeting in the middle. I did have to trim little bits here and there to get it to lay flat and smooth.

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

And another picture for another thousand words.  Ha ha

Here it is all folded up.  Now adhere ribbon to the back of the mini album to wrap around to the front. Tie in a lovely bow.

Open mini album back up and create photo mats and embellishments to the inside pages. One thing to be careful of with this mini album is to make sure not to use too chunky of embellishments or too many of them.  As you can see, what I have done here works fine and some of them are a bit chunky, but you would not want every square to have a chunky embellishment or you would have a hard time folding this scrapbook back up.So break it up a little bit with photo mats and journal spots, etc.  This would make a wonderful gift or card - add photos of your own to make it extra special.

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