Flip Flop Flag Book

By Jaine Drake

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My friend Jaine made this flip flop flag book for me last summer for a swap on our Yahoo! group. I liked it so much I asked her to do up the instructions to share with all of you!

Materials Needed to Create the Flip Flop Flag Book:

Two 6 x 6 pieces of book board
Patterned or plain scrapbook paper to cover the outside and inside of board
One piece of 6 x 12 cardstock
Three pieces of 6 x 4 cardstock (All of the 6 x 4 and 6 x 2 cardstock will come out of one piece of 12 x 12)
Three pieces of 6 x 2 cardstock
A yard of ribbon


Cover the book board with the patterned paper, snipping off the corners for a neater, mitered finish.

Lay the ribbon across the back cover and lightly stick down with tape or other adhesive.

Fold the 6 x 12 cardstock accordion style making 7 folds. To get the best result fold once in half, open out, then fold each edge into the center. Open out again, turn over and fold each edge into the next crease.

Glue each end of the accordion onto the front and back covers.

Glue patterned or plain scrapbook paper to the inside of both covers. This covers up the ribbon and gives a finished look to the inside of the book.  These are also decorated later as part of the book.

The pieces of 6 x 4 and 6 x 2 cardstock will make the flags or pages. The flags will be glued to each side of the mountain folds. The larger cardstock pieces are glued to the top left side of the fold, and the smaller pieces to the bottom right side. When the book stands up the flags face in opposite directions.

Below are the photos of the completed Summer Themed one she sent to me.

This is the front cover of the book all closed up.

Here is the mini album standing up and opened.

Here is one of the inside page spreads.  Jaine is just so amazing.  I never tire of her work!  Notice how she has added little envelopes and pockets, creating a very interactive book.

Here is a close up of one of her elements that opens up.  I love these small details.  They just make the book so special!

Another pocket with a tag.

I love that kitty cat in the hammock. 

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