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This cute and fun flip flop envelope book can be made with just 2 sheets of patterned 12 x 12 inch scrapbook paper, 6 envelopes, 30" of ribbon, an eyelet, and a pair of decorative scissors!


Adhere your first envelope flap to the second envelope as shown.

Continue until all six envelopes are connected. Do not seal the top envelope closed.

From your leftover scraps cut 3 pieces from each color about 2" x 5-3/4" (or however wide your envelopes are) and place these inside your envelopes to create a matching background to the front. Adhere along the edges, inside the envelopes for these pieces. Make sure you're down just a tad from the folds to allow for easy folding of the envelopes.

Put double-sided tape on the top of the last envelope flap.

Put a piece of patterned paper on top of flap/tape. Make sure you're down about 1/4" from the edge to give it room to fold over later and to give you enough paper to cover the tip of the flap of the envelope.

Using decorative scissors, trim edge of flap of envelope and decorative scrapbook paper.

Set an eyelet in the flap.

Take your ribbon and fold it in half. Feed folded end through eyelet. You will need to use a rather thin ribbon to get it through the eyelet.

Bring the two ends of ribbon through the loop in the ribbon as shown.

Fold your envelopes up accordion style, starting from the top. Leave the loop in the ribbon a little loose. Wrap ribbon around your flip flop mini envelope book and run through the loop again.
Now you can open it back up and embellish however you like. The envelopes are perfect for holding photos. I think I'm going to fill this with pictures for my mom for Mother's Day!

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