Creating an Oral History Family History

Creating family scrapbooks with photographs is obviously a great way to preserve family history. Another unique and special way to preserve memories is through oral histories. Oral histories are great family bonding times.

It's easy to conduct a family oral history. First decide who you will be interviewing. Start with older family members; grandparents, aunts and uncles. Set up a time and a place to conduct the interview. Try to keep it to about 1 hour so as not to tire your participant.

Next you will need a list of questions you want to ask your interviewee prepared in advance. Here are Fifty Questions for Family History Interviews. You can use these or think of some that are unique and important to your family. Give a copy of the questions to your interviewee in advance so that they can give the questions some thought.

Use a digital recorder to record your interviews. The quality is so much better than casette tapes and they are very reasonably priced now. You can save your interviews as mp3s, wma files, et cetera to easily share with other family members.

You might also consider hiring a transcription services company to create written transcripts of your interview. These written transcripts make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays and special anniversaries.

Get creative in how you do your interviews. Having teenagers interview older relatives is a great way to bring the generations closer. And that's always a good thing.

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