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I didn't set out to make a fabric journal, but my mother-in-law has a friend who is a retired interior decorator. So she asks me one day do you think you would like some fabric that my friend is getting rid of? And I responded sure. Well, I was shocked when she brought it over!

Well, what to make? Oh, how about some fabric journals? And of course, I thought I'd share the instructions with you! So here we go ...

Materials Needed to Create a Fabric Journal:

1 piece of stiff fabric 8-1/2 x 6"
1 piece of coordinating cardstock cut to 8-1/2 x 6"
Several pieces of watercolor paper, or writing paper, or whatever you want to put inside your journal, and however many pieces you want to use cut to 8 x 5-3/4"
1 piece of 18" embroidery thread or other decorative ribbon


Cut your fabrics, cardstock and papers to the correct sizes. I did use my decorative trimmer to get a nice decorative edge.
Fold both your fabric and piece of cardstock in half as shown.

Put the carstock inside the fabric. Sew along the outside edge on both the front and the back of the book. I used my sewing machine zig zag stitch.

Cut your inside pages to 8 x 5-3/4. Fold in half. Center into the book.

Pamphlet Stitch Binding:

You will be using the pamphlet stitch binding to bind your inside pages into your journal.  This is probably the most basic of all bookbinding stitches.

Lay the book and inside pages open. Using a large needle or piercing tool create 3 holes - one in the center, and one 2" out from the center on each side. (A centering ruler comes in handy for this but is not absolutely necessary.)

Cut a piece of embroidery thread 18". Using an embroidery needle, come up from the outside into the center hole, leaving a tail of thread of about 3" or so.

Now go down through the top hole from the inside to the outside.

Now go all the way down to the bottom hole from the outside to the inside.

Finally, go from the bottom back to the center, from the inside to the outside of the book.

Tie off the threads into a knot, leaving the ends hanging.

Embellish outside if desired. I put a nice vintage button on the outside of mine. You could also make clasps for them and even make these in different sizes.

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