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When I first saw an Exploding Box Scrapbook on eBay I thought it would be very difficult to make, but I was delighted to find that these are actually some of the easiest mini scrapbook albums to make!

Supplies Needed:

3 pieces of double-sided cardstock (one 9 inch sq., one 8-1/2 inch sq. and one 8 inch square).
A coordinating cardstock measuring 5-1/8 inches square for the lid.
Ribbon, scrapbooking embellishments and photos of your choice.

Directions to Make Exploding Box Scrapbook:

Score the 9 inch cardstock every 3 inches in each direction to create 9 squares. I mark mine in pencil with a ruler and then use a scoring tool to make the score lines.
Score the 8-1/2 inch cardstock every 2-13/16 inches in each direction to create 9 squares.
Score the 8 inch cardstock every 2-5/8 inches in each direction to create 9 squares. I bend them back and forth at the score lines so that they move really easily.

Cut the four corners from all three pieces of cardstock. Set aside these corner pieces to use as matting and scrapbooking embellishments later. Round the corners using a corner rounder of each corner of the remaining cardstock.  If you do not have a corner rounder, you can leave them square, but I think the rounded corners give it a more polished look.

Decorate the four fold-outs on all three layers, plus the very center square on the smallest one.  I like to use a combination of photos and scrapbook embellishments.  I did this one with a sisters and friends theme since my daughters are also best friends.

Using glue or double-sided tape, adhere the smallest center square to the medium center square. Then adhere the medium center square to the largest center square.

Creating the Lid:

Score your 5-1/8" square lid at 7/8 inch on all sides. Also score diagonally in each of the four corners.

Fold sides up along the four edges. Take a corner and fold it in along the diagonal line. Use double-sided tape to hold the two sides of the diagonal together and then another piece to hold it against the edge of the lid.

Repeat for all corners to create the lid for your mini scrapbook.

Finally, embellish the lid of your mini scrapbook box with flowers, ribbon, stickers, paper scraps, whatever you want. Fold up the sides of the box and put on the lid.

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