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Trish Davey shared how to make this envelope mini album on our mini books Yahoo group.

They are super cute and I like the fact that you can use regular, smaller envelopes for this project.

Supplies Needed:

  • 10 envelopes
  • Various cardstocks and scrapbooking papers
  • Double sided tape or other adhesive
  • Ribbon


Start with 10 envelopes and seal them shut. Cut 1/4" off each end.

Make sure all your envelopes are facing the same way. Score each envelope at 3.3" (8.5 cm).

Adhere pieces of decorative scrapbook paper or cardstock to the tops and bottoms of all the longer pieces of envelopes, except the back of the last one. Adhere pieces of decorative scrapbooking paper or cardstock to the inside section only of the small envelope pieces.

Starting with your first two envelopes, adhere adhesive to the undecorated side of the smaller envelope flap. Apply the adhesive 1/4" in from the edge on the left hand (binding) side in order to give your book room to grow and expand.

Carefully line up on top of the previous larger envelope flap.

So now you have one smaller and one large envelope flap on one side and another larger envelope flap on the opposite side.

Continue in this manner until all envelopes are attached to your mini scrapbook.

Using a circle punch, punch half circles on the ends of the pockets to make pulling tags in and out easier.

Page Fold Out Element:

To create an accordion fold out, cut three pieces of cardstock the same size as your larger envelope pocket. Also cut 2 pieces of scrapbooking paper 1" by the width of your pocket.

Fold each small piece of scrapbooking paper in half. Lay your three pieces of scrapbook cardstock down on your table going away from you. Adhere both sides of one of the small pieces of scrapbook paper to the back of 2 pieces of cardstock. Fold together.

Adhere the third piece so that it is a mountain (standing up) rather than a valley (facing down).

Adhere it into your envelope mini album.


Cut two pieces of chipboard about 1/4" bigger than your mini album. Cover with decorative scrapbook papers.

Use some tacky glue or a glue gun to adhere 18" ribbon to the front and back envelopes.

Adhere the front and back covers to the top and bottom envelopes.

Create tags for the pockets and embellish to your heart's content.

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