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Tutorial by Jaine Drake

Materials Needed to Create Envelope Book:

To create a basic envelope book you will need:

4 envelopes all the same size
2 pieces of plain cardstock cut to the same size as the envelopes
Patterned scrapbook papers to cover the card
A piece of cardstock as wide as the envelopes and 12 inches long
A length of ribbon

Instructions on Creating the Book:

Cover the outside of the plain cardstock with the patterned scrapbook paper, snipping the corners at an angle to get a neater finish as shown above.

Fold the long piece of cardstock accordion style. This will form the spine. The best way to do this is to fold once in half, open back out and fold each end in to the center. Then open out again, turn it over and fold each edge into the next crease.

Lay the ribbon across the center of both of the covers, tape down to stabilize if necessary and glue the spine in place, one end on the front cover and one end on the back cover.

Cover the inside front cover with patterned scrapbook paper and an envelope to the back cover. You can of course glue another envelope to the front cover too. It is totally up to you. Decide whether you want all of the envelopes facing the same way or not and glue them into every valley fold until you have all four glued down into the spine.  You can have some with the opening facing up for a varied look and to have pullouts at the top as well as at the sides.

Here is the completed but undecorated pages of the mini scrapbook.

Here is a close up view of the top of the pages and what makes up the spine of the mini album.

It is up to you whether to cut the flaps off or leave them on -- either way looks good. Cut some card or tabs to fit into the envelopes and decorate those and the pages as desired.

Thank you, Jaine, for that amazing mini scrapbook tutorial!  This is one of the first tutorials on the internet for creating the envelope mini album!  Jaine has been an awesome contributor to this website that we have always appreciated.  Remember any mini album can be created for any theme you can think of.

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