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By Jaine Drake

This circle book is not your typical circle shaped scrapbook. It is very similar to the square-around mini scrapbook and the triangular around mini scrapbook that Jaine has done for us recently. She has once again been so kind as to do these instructions for everybody's enjoyment.

Materials Used for Circle Book:

At least 4 sheets of double-sided 12 x 12 scrapbook cardstock
Ribbon to tie the mini book closed
Card for the cover
Patterned scrapbook paper to cover

Taking the double-sided scrapbook cardstock, mark and cut out 4 circles. If you don't possess a cutter for this, you can use a dinner plate. I used a large dinner plate which was 10" wide which made a final book of 5 x 7". I found it very easy to use a craft knife and cutting mat to cut around the plate, using it as a ruler. Cut the largest circle you can from the 12 x 12 cardstock, as it will become difficult later to decorate a smaller book.

As shown in the picture, fold the circle in half, open out, turn 90 degrees and fold again in the other direction. Next make another fold line this time by bringing fold lines A and B at the bottom up to meet fold lines A and B at the top.

You should now have an X shaped fold and one horizontal fold. Do the same with the other circles.

Refold if necessary, with the right side facing, so the horizontal fold is a mountain fold and the X shaped folds are valley folds.

To fold up the circles, bring the horizontal folds across to meet each other.

Do this for the other circles.

Using one of the folded pages as a template, draw around it onto thick card or book board to create the covers. Cut out two pieces. Cover them with the patterned scrapbook paper to cover one side of the card. You can always ink the edges later if you don't like the raw edge showing.

Glue all the pages together one on top of the other and then glue the covers onto either end, sandwiching two pieces of ribbon in between.

The mini album can be opened out like a star book or left unfastened.

The number of pages in your circle book is up to you. Four is the minimum, but it can be made with more. The only thing to take into consideration is that if you add more pages it won't open out fully in the end and so it will be necessary to make inserts to put your images on. I wanted to see how small I could make it and made the following book using a 5" diameter plate. I also used 6 circles and made inserts for the pages. I punched holes in the cover and inserts to tie ribbon and fancy wool to it.

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