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The Blizzard Book is a mini scrapbook created by Hedi Kyle which she created one day when she couldn't get to work because of a blizzard. So I thought it was appropriate when I learned to make it on a stormy Northern California afternoon, which took our power out for 7 hours. There are instructions in The Penland Book of Handmade Books: Master Classes in Bookmaking Techniques , which I got through our interlibrary loan. I was a bit confused on one part which wasn't quite clear, so I actually purchased a set of instructions on the internet also, which helped clear a bit of my fog.

I have tried various sizes of paper, including 8 x 17-1/2", 9.75 x 24", 10.75 x 25", 12 x 26.25" and 16 x 35". Trying to find paper this large can be a bit challenging. I practiced on my husband's drafting paper, but realized the plain white paper was a bit drab. I did a few like that, stamping the paper to make it more interesting.

Then I remembered my local scrapbooking store had these huge sheets of handmade paper, so I purchased some of that, which is what I'm using here. This one is made with a sheet cut to 10.75 x 25". The finished book measures 3.25 x 5".

Tutorial to Create a Blizzard Book:

Accordion fold your paper into eighths so that you have valley and mountain folds. Use a bone folder to get good crisp creases.

Fold the top right hand corner down to the left hand fold line. Fold the bottom right hand corner up to the left hand fold line.

Open the book up to the first "page" and repeat the above process. This time the corners will have a double thickness to them.

Continue in this manner until you have done this to all the "pages." On the last one fold out rather than in.

Carefully open up each section and invert the corner folds into valley folds rather than mountain folds. Take great care to make sure you have a nice crisp fold lines.

Open the book to the first "page" again.

Fold bottom point towards the middle and top point towards the middle. They will overlap. This creates your pocket.

Turn each page and repeat until all pages are done.

Cut cardstock pieces to fit into the pockets.

Optional is to make a cover for your blizzard book. I created a very simple book cover similar to the way I used to make book covers for my daughters' school books out of a grocery bag. For this book I cut a piece of double-sided scrapbooking cardstock to 7-1/2 x 9". Fold in an inch on each side and the top and bottom to fit the book. Crease with a bone folder. Slide front and back pages of book into the cover.

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