How to Create a Belly Band for Your Books

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A belly band is a simple band that wraps around your book to hold it closed. These come in handy with little books that tend to flop open or don't want to lie flat by themselves.

There are several commercial ones you can purchase such as 7 Gypsies' book bras and book belts that I really love. I also adore the Zutter closures. I use them a lot! But if you are pushed for time or just want to create one for yourself they are very simple to do.

Directions to Make a Belly Band:

Cut a piece of coordinating scrapbook paper to just a little longer than the width of your book. The width of your book band is totally up for personal preference. Measure to fit your book, and use a bone folder to make a nice crisp edge on each side.

Cut a slit about halfway down from the top and a little more than halfway up from the bottom where the two sides of the band meet. Wrap around book and slip the notches together.

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