Altoid Tin Mini Scrapbook

I know the Altoid tin mini scrapbook has been around for a while, but I figured no website on making mini scrapbook tutorials would be complete without one.

Directions to Make an Altoid Tin Mini Scrapbook:

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The first thing you need to do is eat all your Altoid mints so that you have an empty container.  Then wash it out real well and dry it well.  Place your empty Altoid tin on the back side of your scrapbook paper and cut out the shape of it using a craft knife.  You could trace it and cut it out with scissors if you do not have a craft knife.  For the paper, I prefer using a double sided scrapbook paper because each side of the paper coordinates so well with the other side.  Perfect matching paper every time!  :-)

Adhere the scrapbook paper to front of the Altoid tin.

Cut two more pieces of scrapbook paper slightly smaller than the outside pieces and adhere them to the inside of the tin, one on top and one on bottom.

Cut a piece of solid carstock to 12 inches x 3-1/2 inches.

Score the solid cardstock every 2 inches and fold up accordion style.

Embellish the front of the tin with ribbon and embellishments.

Embellish the inside lid and the scrapbook pages.

Tuck the little scrapbook into the altoid tin case.

There is an even tinier little Altoid tin size where you can make like micro-mini scrapbooks.  But I do find this standard size to be the best.

These little mini albums make awesome grandma brag books for your purse and what not.  They also make wonderful gifts for Mother's Day, birthdays, etc.  You can make this mini book in about an hour or less, depending on how much embellishments and photos you want to add to it.

You can make these mini scrapbooks in many different themes too - just think of the various ones you can make.  You can do Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays, Friendship, Baby Boy, Baby Girl, children, Family, Retirement, Vacation, and on and on.  There are also some awesome themed paper sets out there, such as Graphic 45, that just make the best little mini albums you can imagine.  Hmm, I am thinking a swap on our Mini Books Yahoo Group might be in order. 

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