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I created this altered book scrapbook out of a book I had sitting on my bookshelf just collecting dust. I had heard about some high school kids who were making scrapbooks out of old books and had been wanting to try it.

The cover to this book was already this vibrant pink, so I decided this was something I could leave as-is and simply embellish the covers.

I simply glued three to four pages together to give them more thickness. I used a glue stick.

I then adhered different scrapbook papers to the pages for background papers. You can cut to size or use a couple of different ones on each page. Because of the size of this book (6-1/2" x 5") I was able to use a lot of scraps I had laying around. I think that's when the "Scraps of Life" title came to me. Try to choose books that are about this size, with hard covers and less than 150 pages before gluing together. Thrift stores, yard sales, and your own bookshelves are great places to find these books.

I decided to do this book in a sort of collage style as I've really been enjoying art journaling lately. I used extra photos I had - you know, those extras you don't scrapbook? I have a whole drawer full of them. This was the perfect use for some of those pictures.  I later added pages for all of those school pictures that friends and family have given me over the years.

Add some journaling and you're all set. These types of scrapbooks encourage me to play more and not worry so much about what others will think. They allow me to be even more creative than usual.

Another Altered Book:

This book was originally called Travis and Freddy's Adventures in Vegas.  Well, a little altering on the cover and we have...

I really like taking books with themes for our travels.  I created a Disneyland scrapbook out of a Disney book.  I created a Hawaii book out of a vintage book on Hawaii.  (I haven't filled that one with photos and momentos yet, but am planning to this year!)

I just use the pages as regular scrapbook pages with photo mounts and all.  I add in some pockets for ephemera found on our trip, etc.

I took this vintage book called Great Days of the Circus and created a 50th Birthday Party scrapbook out of it.  Very fun!

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