Accordion Origami Book

By Debi Devitt

The accordion origami book is really very easy to create. You can create a larger size just by using larger paper. I am giving instructions for using 6 x 6 paper which will give you a 3-inch mini album. But if you just use 8 x 8 paper you'll have a 4-inch mini scrapbook and a 10 x 10 will give you a 5-inch mini album. 12 x 12 will give you a 6-inch finished mini scrapbook.

Materials Needed:
6 sheets of 6 x 6 scrapbook paper
6 pieces of 3 x 3 solid cardstock
5 pieces of 2 x 2 solid cardstock

Instructions for Creating the Accordion Origami Book:

Fold sheet of scrapbook paper in half. Open up and fold each side into the center fold.

Rotate paper and again fold in half in the opposite direction. Open up and fold each side in to the center fold. You should now have 16 little squares. Fold each corner up to the center.

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Open it back up. Take a corner point and fold it to where it touches the first fold line. Do this for all four corners.

Glue each corner down.

Pick up one side with your hand on each end and sort of squeeze it so that the point in the middle goes to the center point and the sides fold out. Press flat with hand.

Do this around all four sides.

Cut a piece of 3 x 3 cardstock and insert it into the four corners of your page.

Repeat until you have six pages.

Cut five pieces of 2 x 2 cardstock. Fold in half diagonally one way. Fold back and forth several times to loosen it up. Place double sided tape on both sides of the cardstock and on both sides of the fold line (but not too close to the fold line).

Place one side of hinge into the pocket of one of the pages, leaving about 1/8" out from the fold.

Place another page on the other end of the hinge, sliding the hinge into the pocket of the page. Continue in this way until all 6 pages are connected.

Fold up accordion style. Tie together with a ribbon. Embellish as desired. You have now completed your accordion origami mini album. I used my Making Memories Slice machine to create the "laugh" embellishment.

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