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Welcome to our list of Wholesale Scrapbooking Suppliers.  You do not have to have a retail brick and mortar store to purchase from all distributors of scrapbooking supplies.  Some distributors will not sell to you unless you have a physical store, but many will.  There are requirements to meet, but many distributors will sell to people who are legitimately working a scrapbooking business from their homes.

Usually you will need a reseller's license from your state.  These are fairly easy to obtain from your state agency.  You will probably need a Federal Tax ID number. Again, this is very easy to obtain.  Once you have these two numbers, you can sign up with several different distributors who distribute your favorite scrapbooking supplies at basically 40 to 50 percent off what you pay in a retail store.

Some of my favorites are the following:

There is almost always a minimum opening order and a minimum order amount each time as well.

Now you can order supplies at a much reduced price to increase your profit on your handmade items that you sell on eBay and in your Etsy shop, etc.

Many people are also creating a nice income just selling the supplies themselves on eBay as some of these sellers are doing below.

You can specialize in one type of item such as die cutting machines and the die cuts to go with them.  Or maybe scrapbooking stickers.  Or maybe scrapbook paper.  Or whatever your favorite scrapbooking item is.  You will have to keep some inventory on hand if you go this route, so you will want to think about where you can store it.  Definitely a dry room away from weather and moisture.  You want to be able to have easy access to it as well.

I have found that having a scrapbooking business is the perfect way to earn enough money to support my addiction.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions.  I hope to bring more resources along these lines soon.

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