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By Lori Delp

Lori Delp has created a lovely Wallet Mini Album tutorial for us.  Thank you, Lori.  Enjoy!

Wallet Mini Album Tutorial:

About a year ago I saw this project online. I guess it is called a wallet album because it unfolds similarly to some wallets. That project was done with cardstock and the wallet mini album pages were decorated with design paper. In my version of the wallet style album I have used design paper to build the album, decorating the pages with coordinating paper; adding journal cards from the same design pack.

I had some Graphic 45 By the Sea paper in my stash and decided to use it for this tutorial. Of course you can make this album with your favorite paper, or a variety of coordinating papers, cardstock, or whatever you may have in your stash. Just follow along as you are building the album - then let your own creative juices direct you as you decorate the pages and add your finishing touches.

The wallet mini album consists of eight pieces of paper, cut to the following sizes.

Cardstock cut pieces & journal tags.

Cut one:

5-1/4 x 9-1/2"

Score at: (from 9-1/2" side)

5-1/4" & 5-3/4"

Top flap

Cut one:

4-3/4" x 5-1/4"

Score at (from 4-3/4 side)

3/4" & 1-1/4"

Bottom flap

Cut two:

5-1/4" x 5-1/2"

Score at: (from 5-1/4 side)

3/4" & 1-1/4"

Outer side flaps

Cut two:

5-1/4" x 5-1/2"

Score at: (from 5-1/4" side)

3/4" & 1"

Inner side flaps

Cut two:

5-1/4" x 5-1/4"

This piece does not get scored

Back and Inside panel

If you have a paper collection that is one sided, build your wallet mini album out of cardstock and decorate your pages with the paper collection. If you have a double sided paper collection use you can either start with cardstock and decorate the pages or you can build your pages from the paper collection and just add to the pages with more of the paper collection and build on top of the designs.

Once you cut and score your pages, start putting them together as follows.

Attach the top/front page (flap) to the bottom/front page (flap) by gluing the two 3/4" sections together.  If you are using design paper just make sure the paper is facing the direction you want it to.  The top page folds down and the bottom pages fold up to create your wallet mini album.

Attach the two "outer" side pages in the same manner, making sure your paper is facing the right direction.  Line up the 3/4" section, one on the left, one on the right, and glue them in place.  These make the outer side sections of your album.  They fold in overlapping each other.

Next attach the two "inner" side pages in the same manner as above.  You will find that they nestle in quite nicely.  Apply your glue and carefully line them up in the 3/4" space.  These pages also fold in and overlap each other.

You should have two remaining pieces.  These are for the outside back and the inside panel.  These pieces cover up all the pages you've attached and give your wallet mini album a finished look.  If you are inking the edges of your paper for this project (I did) make sure you ink these before you glue them in.  Apply your liquid glue or use your tape gun (my preference) and attach these final pieces.

In this picture you can see how the album looks with the top and bottom flap open and the two outer side flaps open.  When you fold the two side pages in, the bottom flap up, and the top flap down, the album becomes a square box or a wallet mini album if you will.

Scrappers Tip:

Don't be fooled by those small black circle magnets with the white tape on one side.  True they are inexpensive, but they do not hold.  Using a better grade magnet is the way to go.

Before you decorate your front cover or your inside top and bottom flap you need to think about your closure mechanism.  I like to use a magnet, and I don't always want the magnet to show, so i always need to do some planning.  Other options may be a piece of velcro, a buckle type closure, you may decide to attach a ribbon to the back and just tie it closed, whatever you come up with decide before you start decorating - you will need some type of closure because as you add photos and journal cards your front flap will not stay flat.

I like the Basic Grey magnets.  They are very thin, very strong, and easy to hide if you choose to hid it. Sometimes I find them in my local craft store, but that seems to be on a rare occasion. You can certainly order them on the Internet. I love these magnets!

Once you have your closure worked out it's time to start decorating the pages. You are only limited by your imagination. If the album is for you and you have specific photos in mind to use, build your pages around those photos. If the album is going to be a gift, just remember to leave some space so photos can be attached or tucked into pockets.

I usually leave the cover to last, because I know will be opening the pages many times and I don't want my cover design to get beat up. So I usually begin with the inside top and bottom flap and go from there - do what you are comfortable with.

As with most Graphic 45 paper designs there are many design elements that can be cut out and used for decorating or creating journal cards. I used a the word 'Summer' to cover my magnet on the top flap. I then cut a piece of coordinating paper 5¼" x 1¾" to create interest. On the inside botton flap I added a 3"x3" square, glued it on the left and bottom edge; this created a pocket. I cut out a 3"x4" image from the paper collection and inserted it as a journal card.

For the outer left hand side page I put a double pocket, one shallow, one deep, measuring 3-7/8" x 1" and 3-7/8" x 2-1/2".  Gluing the outer and lower edges will create the pocket.  The journal card measures 3" x 4".

Continue building your pages in this manner being sure to leave some open space for larger photos.  You can also make photo mats to slip into a pocket.  I didn't do that for this project because I had so many choices with my paper choice.

For this page I cut out an image of the paper collection and used it as a large belly band which can hold a journal card and a photo.

These two pages have pockets and belly bands (thin strips of paper secured at each end), and will hold tons of photos, journal cards, memorabilia, etc.

Scrappers Tip:

Adding bow, a piece of twine, buttons, paper clip, etc. adds so much to your album and really takes it over the top.

This is the back inside panel of my album.  I like to make it a focal point if possible.  For my Christmas albums this is where i always put a great picture of Santa Claus usually surrounded by snowflakes!  For this project I created another belly band measuring 5-1/4" x 2" and then cut out an image from the paper collection and tucked it behind the band.

In this photo the wallet mini album is open, with just the inner right hand side page folded in.  Add as many tags and journal cards as you like.

Finally it's time to decorate your cover - one of my favorite tasks when building a wallet mini album. This Graphic 45 By the Sea collection is packed with fun images. I decided to use the mermaid for my cover.

I fussy cut the mermaid image and used a few pop up dots to raise her up off the page a bit. I then cut out the "beach rules" and attached that to a piece of larger card stock to frame the image. Adding just a little twine to the front cover and adding the 'mermaids wanted' and a few fussy cut shells is just enough - I'm very pleased with the result. I felt the bottom of the front cover need a little something, so I just cut out a plain strip of paper, inked it and hand printed the #summer 2015.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and will build your own creation in your favorite paper collection.

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