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We hope that you will enjoy these vintage Valentine cards.

Being an office worker, I just LOVE this one.  Hello Valentine.  You're just my TYPE dear Valentine.  So come on and say that you'll be mine!  And  in her typewriter it says I love you.  So sweet.

Oh, Valentine, you've got me going 'round in circles.

Maybe I'm just "small fry" but I'm a good egg with a heart of gold.  Be My Valentine.

Super cute vintage card.

You suit me to a TEA Valentine!

Sure as shootin' I want to ROPE you for my Valentine.

In spite of all I have to do - I'll never be forgetting you.  (Now there is a gal who was busy before her time!)

You are my love song.  I love you. 

You're my Valentine.

Come ride with me, My Valentine.

I'm buggy about you.

I want to be your Valentine.

Valentine Greeting.  Ain't it nice to have a sweetheart?

One of my favorites.  Let's go together!  Definitely from the 1950s, don't you think?

Another one of my favorites!

I'll be the bluest  boy in town, I don't know what I'll do if you won't be my Valentine. Oh please I want you to.

Here's your Valentine.

Yackety - Yak You're my Valentine for a Fact!

We all remember trading these fabulous little cards as children with our classmates.  It was always so fun to come home and read all of your cards.  I think I even recognize a few of these from the good old days.  I like how so many of them had a play on words.  I'm Buggy about you and the little girl is holding a bug sprayer.  You are my love song and the little girl is playing at the piano.  You're my cup of tea (two tea cups) and Going round in circles and they are on a merry-go-round.  Just so cute!

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