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The vintage Halloween postcards and greeting cards are great for your Halloween projects.  They are free for you to print, use and enjoy.  You can right click any photo and save to your computer.  We hope you enjoy them!

This first image is a young girl and a black cat.

An adorable little boy and his black and white dog, looking at three jack-o-lanterns.  A Happy Halloween, indeed.

This one says, "If with one puff you blow out the light,

'Tis a Sign you'll marry this year.

If with two or three your chance is slight

And if more, give it up for the night."

A black cat sitting on top of a pumpkin with a sweet little baby peeking around the side of it.

This looks like a Halloween party table all set for fun!

Three little scardy cat pumpkins and a black cat. 

I love this little girl.  Her patched pants are especially adorable.  The card says, "A Jolly Halloween" on top.  And on the bottom it says If something scares you and you want to run, Remember, it's only Halloween fun."  Do you notice they used to always use an ' in the word Hallowe'en? 

Merry Halloween.  I like that you can have romance on any holiday.  Romance is always in style!

I love this mirror!  Wishing you a LUCKY Halloween!

A slightly bigger version of one of the cards above.

Isn't this cute?  This is the same card twice.  The jack-o-lantern head is on a pivot pin so the card on the left is with the jack-o-lantern head down and the other is with it up, revealing the girl underneath.

A little girl bobbing for apples.  The card says Hallowe'en Pleasures.  Of all the fun and merry jest, To "bob for apples" is the best.

I love this one!  I think the black outlines are like glitter beads or something.

This is my favorite of all of them!

I am working on getting these separated into separate images instead of all on one sheet.

The same with these.

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