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I love vintage Easter cards, especially from the 1940s through the 1960s.  I have scoured and sorted and here are my all-time top favorites.

My Favorite Vintage Easter Cards:

I absolutely LOVE the colors on this one, don't you?  Such a cute little rooster!

A cute Easter bunny with two baskets full of colorful eggs.

Two sweet girls with some Easter chicks.  I love their Mary Jane shoes and sweet little faces.

My mom used to give me cards just like this!!  She was so sweet and thoughtful.  I wish I still had all the cards she had given me!

An Easter Greeting for you.

To a Dear Little Niece.  I believe this one was a very fuzzy, feely type of card.

Joy on Easter.  Love the little lamb.

A winking bunny - so cute.

One of my absolute favorite ones!!!!  Have a grand Easter, Little Girl!

A little baby in an Easter bunny costume picking up little Easter chicks. 

This is a Dutch card and the words Vrolijk Paasfeest is Dutch for Happy Easter.  For some reason this one just kind of cracks me up! (Pun intended!)  Kind of a Humpty Dumpty thing going on.  That little chick on the ground is kind of freaking out about it, isn't he?  And that big old salt shaker.  It just hits me as funny.

I love this one!  For Baby's First Easter!  I'm going to be a grandmother in October, so maybe next year I will print this classic out and give it to my grandchild.

A Happy Easter Day to You!

What a cute couple these little bunnies are!

This one must have had a movable part as it says Pull My Tail.  Very cute mail carrier though. 

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