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Here are some vintage Christmas postcards, advertisements and images to get you in the holiday mood.  These are great to use for cardmaking, mini scrapbook projects, mixed media projects, etc.  There are so many on the internet these days, but these are some of my absolute favorites.  Enjoy!

A great postcard of Santa busy at work in his work room.

Here are two children wishing you Christmas greetings.

A girl riding her play horse with the words that say, "Cheerful looks and words are very Sure to make the Christmas merry."

Best Christmas Wishes.

A little girl telling Santa her Christmas wishes.

Look at the expression on that little girl's face.  It makes me laugh every time.

I believe this is a German Christmas postcard.  This young girl is getting several Christmas trees!

A Happy Christmas to You.

I'm sending you love and kisses for Xmas.

Some More Vintage Christmas Postcards for you to Enjoy:

There's something so Snow White about this, but there's only 6 elves.

This one is a vintage Christmas advertisement for Plymouth.  It looks like the whole family is excited and will be enjoying the new car Dad brought home for the family for Christmas.  Today it's a Lexus, but back in the day a simple Plymouth kept everybody happy!

Another vintage Christmas advertisement.  This one is for Planters Peanuts.  It looks like if you serve Planters Peanuts at your party you can't go wrong and everybody will have a wonderful time!

This looks like it is from a vintage catalog.  I think they are advertising body powders, perfumes and bath products perhaps.

A Jolly Christmas.  A clown on a rocking horse.

This Santa has a green suit!  That's unusual, but I like it!  He is holding up a doll for some special little girl!

There's Santa working on his list.  Are you on the naughty or nice list?

This has to be one of the first ever Christmas photo cards.

A cute little Frosty the Snowman card.

Another cute vintage girl.

This might have been a gift tag for a present.  So cute!

Nothing says the holidays like baking Christmas cookies!

A girl and her many baby dolls.  What a joyful Christmas!

Three children and their puppy dog, Wishing you Christmas Cheer.

A Merry Christmas with Lots of Things.

A Merry Christmas.

Another Christmas card.  This one says:  I send this little mitten, dear, To wish you Warmest Christmas Cheer.  A Merry Christmas to you.

Christmas Greetings.  To Greet you right heartily And to wish you a Very Merry Christmas, The best of health, and much Prosperity.

Another Christmas baking card.

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