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To create a triple toilet paper mini album you will need at least 9 empty toilet paper rolls.

Flatten each roll and cover each one following the basic instructions for covering your toilet paper rolls with scrapbooking papers found on our Toilet Paper Mini Album page.

For the covers you can use any type of chipboard or heavy cardstock.  I thought a cereal box would be nice to keep in the spirit of recycling, so that is what I chose.  Measure it to be a little bit taller than three of the toilet paper rolls laid out horizontally and a little bit wider than the width of the toilet paper rolls.

Cover these with scrapbook papers.

Now you have a couple of options on how you want to bind your mini scrapbook.  You could use a bind-it-all, and I actually almost did that on this one.  But I did want to show that you do not always need the fancy equipment and you can bind your mini albums with a simple hole punch and some rings.  Again, lay out your three toilet paper rolls with the holes punched in them and mark where you need to punch the holes in your covers.  Do this for both the front and back covers.  Feed the rings through to attach three toilet paper rolls to each hole.  I got these rings at my local hardware store.  You can get them almost anyway - drug store, Wal-Mart, craft stores, hardware stores.

(Now I punched one hole in each toilet paper roll.  When I create this book next time, I plan to punch two holes in each roll, which will give me a total of 6 holes down the side of my book.  The reason I say I would do this is for more stability and so that the inside toilet paper rolls don't flop around quite so much.)

Embellish the cover of your book as desired.  Add ribbons to the binding rings for added flair.

Add tags to each of the pockets.  There are so many possibilities here for photos and journaling spots.  Lots and lots of surfaces.

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