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Creating a tall envelope mini album is the easiest of all the envelope mini scrapbooks in my humble opinion.  And I also think it is very elegant when complete.  Also, there are so many scrapbooking surfaces!  You have two smaller tags and one super long tag to each page that you include in creating this album.  That makes this a favorite of mine to create and share as gifts with friends and family.

Directions to Create a Tall Envelope Mini Album:

To create this mini scrapbook album you will need 8 business sized envelopes.  You will use two of these for each page (and pockets) of the scrapbook album.  Take one envelope and cut it in half.

Take the other envelope and trim 1-1/4 inches off the top.  Discard the small piece as you will not need it.

The smaller two envelopes will lay on their sides underneath the longer envelope.  Their pockets will face out to the right.  Trim them so that they are the same width as 1 long envelope.

Adhere the two shorter pockets underneath the longer envelope, with the longer envelope's opening on the top for another pocket.  This photo actually shows the two shorter ones on top to show you how they are adhered.  You can actually do it either way, but I think it works better with them on the bottom.  I did get a couple of mine mixed up and I sort of have a mix of some with the two shorter envelopes on top and some with the two shorter envelopes on the bottom.  It does not make that much difference.

Continue in this manner for all the other envelopes.

Cut scrapbooking papers to fit your envelopes and adhere to both sides of the envelopes.

Use your Bind-It-All or other binding machine or preferred binding method to bind the envelopes together on the left hand side.  I used the 3/8 inch o-wires and I did two sets of six.

Cut tags to fit all the envelopes.  Two for each smaller pocket and one for each taller pocket.  So each page has a total of 3 pockets and tags, which gives you a lot of room for photos and journaling!

Of course, putting some pull tabs or ribbons on the tags is always a nice touch as well.

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