Tag Easel Card

By Lori Delp

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Here is a wonderful tutorial on creating this tag easel card from Lori Delp.

Supplies Needed to create Tag Easel Card:

  • Double sided design scrapbook paper 12" by 12" sheets (2)
  • Paper trimmer/scissors
  • Glue - hot or liquid/or both
  • Scoreboard (optional)
  • Bone folder/craft stick (optional)
  • Embellishments to coordinate with paper choice (ribbon, lace, buttons, etc.)
  • Cardstock (110# recommended) one sheet
  • Hole punch/(eyelet and eyelet setter optional)
  • Miscellaneous supplies, i.e. rubber stamps, ink pad, circle punch, corner punch, etc.

Instructions to Create the Tag Easel Card:

Once you've collected your supplies and have everything within reach, begin the tag easel card project.

There are so many amazing double sided scrapbook paper designs. Generally I choose two sheets of coordinating paper, but for this project I really wanted to do something with a summer theme and I only had one sheet of Graphic 45's Place in Time/July Cut-Apart in my stash. Being limited to one sheet of 12" x 12" paper caused me to make my cuts carefully and really think about how I wanted the end project to look -- if you are using two sheets of designer paper you will not have to be as cautious. If you decide to use the same selection as me, I made the project a bit smaller to accommodate the paper pattern. I'm including both sets of measurements. Let's begin.

If you use paper that has no specific pattern I recommend making the tag larger than the pictured project. If your paper contains a noticeable pattern, words, images, etc., make sure you cut your paper correctly; pattern right side up. The bottom folds up to create the pocket, so you may need to adjust how you use the paper depending on the pattern. Cut one 5" x 10" piece, score at 7" and fold - be sure to make a nice sharp crease. Your bone folder or craft stick will help get a nice crease.

For the Place in Time Cut-Apart, cut one piece measuring 8 3/4" x 5 1/2" from the top third of the 12 "x 12" paper. Score and fold at 6". Once your tag is cut out, use the template provided and cut the top corners of your tag, then hole punch the center - here you can add an eyelet or a reinforcement circle to further add to the look of a gift tag.

I almost always ink my edges and occasionally distress the edges. For this project I did both to give the piece that vintage worn look. My absolute favorite ink is Vintage Photo by Tim Holtz-love it. I also used the Tim Holtz paper distress tool by Tonic. This effect can also be achieved by running an emery board across the top edge of your paper. Distress first, then ink (don't forget to do the back of the tag). Of course this step is optional.

Next you'll want to glue the flap that makes the pocket - use a liquid glue. Glue from the fold down, on both the left and right side of the tag. Fold up and let dry. Liquid glue will dry completely - dry glue (tape glue) does not dry completely and can cause anything you put in the pocket to get stuck. While the glue dries, cut the other pieces you'll need for the project.

For this project I like to add a "belly band" (a strip of paper that holds a card) across the front of the pocket, one or two cards to slip under the band (depends on the design of the paper), and a larger card to be placed in the pocket which will hold the gift card. So you will need to cut the belly band, small card(s) for under band, the larger card, and the piece to create the gift card pocket. These measurements should accommodate both tags - you may need to trim the cards  slightly, but I think you will find these measurements to be adequate.

Cut one "belly band" -- size can vary. You may have a design element on your paper you want to incorporate which may measure 2" high, that's fine. For the Place in Time Cut-Apart I used one of the decorative strips; it measures 1/2" x 5". Ink and distress this piece of paper if desired. Place a dot of glue on the left and right side and attach it to the front of your pocket.

The Graphic 45 selection offers several options for cards. For under the belly band I chose two small cards, that measure 2 1/8" x 1 7/8". I want to be able to journal or leave a message/greeting on these cards, so I attached a smaller coordinating paper to the back of each (I used my tape gun to attach the coordinating paper). Don't forget to ink and distress both of the cards and the journaling card on the back (before you attach it).

For the card that slips into the pocket I generally cut a piece of paper measuring 3" x 5". Again, depending on your paper choice you may need to adjust this measurement. The two vintage girls at the shore from the cut-apart measured just slightly larger. Again, ink and distress your edges.

The last piece you need to cut is used to create the pocket that will hold the gift card. This piece measures 3 1/2" x 3". Sometimes I adjust the measurement depending on how I want the gift card to slip in, you'll have to determine this for yourself and how it works with your paper choice. As I said before, I was tight on paper, so for this piece I chose a scrap of coordinating Graphic 45 I had in my stash; the star pattern shown above.

To make the pocket score and fold at 1/4" on three sides (the three sides you choose will depend on whether or not you want the pocket to be landscape or portrait). At the bottom on the left and right-hand side your fold lines intersect and create a little square, cut across this area diagonally - this will allow you to have a nice, less bulky, pocket. Refold, place glue on these three flaps, and attach the pocket to the large card. You can use your circle punch to create a half-moon on the top of the pocket if desired. You can also decorate the pocket or the back of the card using scraps from your paper choice, or other embellishments you may have that coordinate with your project. You can also stamp a greeting, i.e. 'just for you', 'happy birthday' or whatever might fit your project. Again, don't forget to ink and distress the edges of your gift card pocket and/or any embellishment you decide to use.

To decorate the tag I just gathered some items that I thought would work with the summer/beach theme. I had some wired twine ribbon, shells, sunglasses, jute, stars, a fishing weight, beads, etc.

With glue gun in hand I first added my twine ribbon, then added the other components until I liked how it looked:) I then tied a piece of twine through the hole in the tag. I also added a simple bow made from a piece of jute, the sunglasses and a few additional words from the paper selection.

When I first began making these keepsake tags there just seemed to be something missing - the tags were beautiful, served a purpose -- but then what? That's when I decided to make an easel to display the tag. With these instructions I've included a simple template for an easel. I recommend 110# card stock, if you don't have that available I would try gluing two pieces of the 65# card stock together. You might even consider a nice sturdy cereal box (cover it with your paper). The easel is easy to make, just fold your card stock in half, place the template (flat side against the fold) on your card stock and trace it. Simply cut out the image and your easel is ready to go. Make sure you choose a coordinating color - I used white and yes I inked the edges.

I hope you make many keepsake tags - the recipients will be amazed at your talent!

You can visit Lori's website at Thyme2BCreative and her Etsy shop at Lori's Etsy Shop.

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