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This scrapbooking chevron technique is very popular in scrapbooking circles at the moment.  It can be changed up in many different ways.  You can use it as a background technique, an embellishment technique, do just a few to the side of your photos, or cover your whole background. You can adjust the sizes on this tutorial to suit whatever fun and creative idea you come up with.  This is a very simple way to create these fun patterened chevrons.

Cut a piece of scrapbook paper to two inches wide.  The length can be whatever you want for your particular project.  I did a 6 inch one for a mini scrapbook album page.  On the backside of the side you want to show, draw a pencil mark down the center (1 inch) of the paper.

You are going to draw a line from the center line out to the edge of the paper every inch, but once will be at the top, then once at the bottom, then once at the top again, then once at the bottom, etc.  (See photo above.)

Fold the edges over to form a triangle for every single edge as shown above here.

This is what it should look like after you have all of the corners folded in.  Glue this down and let dry.  This is the back side of your chevron.

Flip it over and this is the side that will show on your project.  At this point you have the option of sewing on the paper.  (This is why I let mine dry thoroughly first.)  I sew a zig zag pattern on my sewing machine.

Lay out your chevrons into the pattern that you like.  I like to leave a little space between the chevrons, as it gives it more flare and interest, as well as it is easier for it all to line up just right much more easily.

Add other scrapbook page elements as you desire.

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