Heirloom Recipe Paper Bag Book

Supply List for Recipe Paper Bag Book:

To make this recipe paper bag book, you will need:

3 brown lunch bags
2 sheets of 9 x 9 Tim Holtz Distressables What’s Cookin’ cardstock
1 Strip Tim Holtz Distressables and Doo-Dads, What’s Cookin’
1 piece 12 x 12 double-sided cardstock
1 piece 12 x 12 patterned paper
1 piece 6 x 12 patterned paper
7 pieces of paper cut to 5-1/4 x 5-1/4 each – They include one piece of red cardstock, two pieces recipe paper, one piece chef hats paper, two pieces blue cardstock, one piece brown cardstock
1 large tag
1 library pocket
3 small tags
1 pack of mini file folders from American Traditional Designs
1 pack tags from American Traditional Designs
5 (5 x 3) white lined recipe cards (for library pocket)
4 (6 x 4) decorative recipe cards
2 small tabs
2 metal rimmed tags
6 mini brads
4 What’s Cooking brads
Miscellaneous ribbons
Cooking quotes, cookbook notations and titles for 12 x 12 foldout

Directions to Make Recipe Paper Bag Book:

Take 3 paper lunch sacks. Lay them lengthwise, alternating direction of the open flap. Lay the first bag down so that the open end is towards the left, then the one on top of that have the open end to the right, and the last one have the open end to the left again.

Fold all bags in half.

Punch 3 holes for ribbon bindings.

Take one piece of Tim Holtz double-sided cardstock and cut a 5-1/4 x 5-1/4 to fit bag. I liked this section of the paper for my cover, but any portion of the paper could be used. Glue to front of book. Cut out “Heirloom Recipes” and glue to Tim Holtz Paper. Glue Tim Holtz paper to front of book. I punch holes in each new page as I go using the previous holes as a guide.

Glue tab to right side of brown cardstock. Glue recipe card to square piece of brown cardstock. Cut out and glue “White House Cookbook” from Tim Holtz Distressables & Doo-Dads What’s Cooking. Tip: After cutting out these pieces of ephemera I like to ink the edges to give it a more vintage look and to hide the white edges created by cutting.

Cut from your piece of green paper two pieces approximately 5-1/4 x 5/1/4”. Also from remaining green paper tear to create pockets as shown. Use three mini brads on each page to create a pocket. Glue to pages of the book after the brads are attached. Embellish pockets with stickers and Tim Holtz Doo-Dads of your choice. Insert file folders in pockets. Remember to punch your holes as you go.

Take your “chef hats” paper and cut into two pieces (2” and 3”). Glue smaller piece closer to the spine. Using two of your cooking brads and the larger piece of paper glued to the flap, create a pocket with the flap. Tip: I use a small thumbtack to create a hole first and then the brads are easy to slip in. Don’t go all the way through to the previous page in your recipe paper bag book; just go through to the first set of folds.

Glue two metal rimmed tags to the top of the flap. Punch holes in two mini tags and attach ribbon. Insert two mini tags in the pocket you created.

On the right side of your page spread, glue the red cardstock. I used a remnant from the front cover cardstock for an embellishment and some more Doo-Dads.

For this next pull-out simply insert one of the larger recipe cards into the opening. Easy!

You’re almost halfway done with your recipe paper bag book!

Using brown recipe paper, glue one piece to the left of the album. Fold and glue your library pocket. Glue to page on the left. Add stickers left over from mini file folders pack. Insert 5 blank smaller recipe cards.

For the right side (page 7) use the same technique as on page 4, using two more cooking brads to create a pocket for a tag. Decorate with Doo-Dads of your choice. Punch hole in small tag and put ribbon in. Insert in pocket.

To create the opening at the top of page 7, go back to page 6 and at the very top cut across the top of the album, all the way through the top of page 7.

When finished cutting, glue the top of page 6 back together, leaving page 7 still cut open at the top. The perfect place to now insert another of the larger recipe cards!

Cut and glue 5-1/4 x 5-1/4 pieces of the tan flower paper to each side. Cut a small strip approximately 2” x 5-1/4” and glue ends and bottom to create a pocket for large tag. Punch a hole in top of large tag, add ribbon, and insert in pocket. Optional: You can draw lines on large tag, or decorate. I thought the lines were good to write out a recipe. Cut out, ink and glue some Doo-Dads to the pocket.

For the fold-out on page 9 – Using the 12 x 12 double-sided cardstock, cut off a 4 inch square from each of the four corners. Fold each side in 4 inches to the center so that it is a 4” square when completely folded up. Glue center back to the center of the page. Glue various food quotes to outside flaps. For the inside flaps I used titles such as Family Favorites, Potluck Special, Delicious Appetizer and Best Dessert. Then for each of these a square with:
Name of Recipe:
Cookbook Where Found:
Page #:

For the very center inside of the foldout I used another remnant from the piece of cardstock from the front cover.

Attach the smallest tab to the top page to act as a pull tab to open or pull the page up.

Use another large recipe card for this fourth pull-out of your recipe paper bag book.

Glue one of the blue cardstocks to the left page. Glue vellum envelope from the tags package to this page, putting 3 or so tags into it.

Cut the other blue cardstock into two pieces (2” and 3”), gluing the smaller piece closer to the spine on page 11. Staple the top and bottom of flap to create a pocket for tags. Glue the larger piece over the flap.

Decorate with lots of Doo-Dads. Insert remaining tags into pocket.

For the back cover of your Paper Bag Recipe Book cut a piece of Tim Holtz What’s Cookin’ double-sided cardstock and glue to the back of your recipe paper bag book.

Finish your recipe paper bag book
Make sure you have punched your three holes in each page after covering with paper.

Line all your holes up and feed your ribbons through and tie.

You now have an heirloom recipe paper bag book to give as a gift or fill it with your favorite recipes and pass it on to the next generation.

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