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I want to share with you several different ways to create these purse mini scrapbooks.  They are so easy and fun to make.  You can use the same patterns over and over and create totally different looks.  I will be providing templates to 4 different purse mini albums and one other idea using one of our other tutorials, for a total of different 5 purse mini scrapbooks!  You can enlarge these templates and make them various sizes, which is really fun to do.  I love the variety of sizes and colors and styles of purses that I have been able to make with these few simple templates.

Purse Idea #1

For this first purse idea you will need this purse template.  You can use any scrapbooking paper or cardstock.  You can either print it out onto a piece of cardstock to use as a template (trace and cut out) or you can print directly onto your scrapbook paper.

Cut it out.

Score along the dotted lines as shown below.

For the inside pages cut them to a little less than 5-3/4 by 4 inches and fold in half.  Nest them one inside of the other so that you have a small stack of inside pages.  I used 8 pages folded in half for my purse mini scrapbooks.

Pierce one hold in the middle of the larger dotted line area and then two more holes about an inch out from there.  You can measure this, but I did not for this book.  Pierce the holes the exact same for the inside pages.

Bind using a pamphlet stitch shown on our pamphlet stitch page.  Super easy!

Here is the inside of one of my purse mini scrapbooks.

Cut a small slit for the tab to slip into.

For the handle you can either just punch holes or set some eyelets to put ribbon or embroidery floss through.  Here it is with eyelets.

The inside with the eyelets.

On this book I just punched holes and tied knots in the ribbons on both sides.

Embellish with flowers, brads, etc.

For the one below I used a piece of serendipity paper that I had made and then stitched all over it with a zig zag stitch on the sewing machine.

This is just another one I made using double sided scrapbook paper.

Purse Idea #2

For these purse mini scrapbooks you will need this template.

To use this template you will want to print it out onto a heavy cardstock and then cut it out to use as a template.  You will need two coordinating scrapbook papers.

For the cover fold the main scrapbook paper that you would like to use for the cover in half.  Place the template on the fold as shown so that the fold is at the top of the narrow piece of this template.  Cut this piece out, as well as the half circle piece.  The half circle piece does not need to be on a fold as it is a single piece of paper and not on the back part of your purse book.

Adhere the half circle to the top near the fold of your front cover.

For the inside pages use the same template that you used for the front cover.  Fold your inside pages in half and place your template on the fold once again.  I traced around the template and then cut the pages out.  I tried to cut a little inside the line to make it a tad bit smaller than the outside covers.

Using the pamphlet stitch bind your inside pages in the fold of the mini scrapbook.  Above is the outside of the book laid open flat.

This is the inside of the book.  Just about an eighth of an inch out from each side of the binding punch or pierce two holes for your handle.  Knot as I did above on each side to hold the handle in place.

Embellish with a flower and a brad or some other creative way that you would like.

Use the inside pages as a mini scrapbook or even a journal.  Great Mother's Day Gift or Birthday gift, etc.

Purse Idea #3

Are we having fun yet?  This one is probably my favorite!!  For this one you will need this purse album template.  I love enlarging this one and creating two signatures instead of one for quite the scrapbook.  The larger one here holds pages that are 8-1/2 inches tall and 11 inches wide.  You will need to enlarge the template to make one that size though.

So either print the template right onto the back of your scrapbook paper or use cardstock and cut out and trace around it on your scrapbook paper and cut that out as well.

Score and fold along the dotted lines of the template. 

Notice that there are two sets of dotted lines together?  Those are your spine and when you fold them both close together they will make a little spine as shown above.

Cut your inside pages a little less than the height of the book, and a little less than double the width of the book.  For the template provided I cut them 5" tall and 6" wide.  Then fold them in half and they are 3" wide to fit into this smaller book.

Using the pamphlet stitch bind your inside pages into the spine of your book.

This is what the inside will look like.

On the top flap of your book, punch two holes about as shown above for your handle.

String your ribbon handle through these holes and tie knots as shown above.

Embellish the outside with a big brad, a button, a flower, etc.

Here is the larger one I made.  This one has two signatures and the signatures are 8-1/2 by 11 each.  The paper is some serendipity paper I made.  Always fun!  I used a magnetic to hold the flap down.

Here are the two inside signatures.

Purse Mini Scrapbooks Idea #4

Okay, here is another one for you.  For this one you will need two templates - the Purse Template Number 4 full purse template and the purse number 4 panel template.  The panel will be used for the front panel, as well as the inside pages.

Print out onto the back of your scrapbook paper or onto cardstock to create a template and then print out and cut out of some pretty scrapbooking papers.

Fold the purse up.

Adhere the coordinating panel piece to the front of the purse.

For the inside pages, use the panel template and place the top along the fold line of your inside papers.

Trace around and cut out.

Line your inside pages up inside your book.

Pierce holes where the two circles are on both the left and right hand sides in both the purse and the inside pages.

I used floral wire for this one, but you could use ribbon or something similar.  Feed one end through the two holes as shown above.

Create the handle over the top of the purse and then feet the wire or ribbon through the other side of the handle.

Twist wire ends around wire handle.

Attach some ribbon, a decorative brad or button, and whatever other embellishments you wish to onto the front of the book.

The inside of this purse mini album.

Purse Mini Scrapbook Idea #5

Okay, here is our last idea on creating purse mini scrapbooks.  This one I can't actually take credit for.  One of our Yahoo Mini Books group members came up with it.

You simply create our Circle Book tutorial and add some lace and handles to it.

Inside you can add all kinds of photos, embellishments, etc.

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