Project Life Mini Album

I wanted to create a Project Life mini album because I just love the whole Project Life idea of pocket scrapbooking.  Rather than the large binder system, this mini scrapbook is 6 inches by 6 inches.

Tutorial on Creating a Project Life Mini Album:

To begin with, I took the large 12 inch by 12 inch sheet Pocket Pages and very carefully cut them apart into sections of 4 inch by 6 inches.  Sometimes I would have one pocket of 4 inch by 6 inch and sometimes I would have two pockets of 3 inches by 4 inches.

Take two pieces of 6 inch by 6 inch chipboard or book board.  Cover it with scrapbook paper that is approximately 7-1/2 inches by 7-1/2 inches so that you have a little extra paper all around.  Cut your corners at a diagonal for easier folding.  Use a bone folder to create a nice crease.

Fold all of your edges over and adhere down.  I use double sided tape or my handy dandy ATG Gun.

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Take a slightly smaller than 6 inch by 6 inch piece of the same scrapbook paper and cover the rest of the inside cover.  Repeat for the back cover.

Take a piece of coordinating 6 by 12 inch piece of double sided scrapbook paper and fold it accordion style.  Adhere the first piece of this accordion piece to the inside of your front cover.

Adhere your pocket pages into the accordion folds.  This is somewhat similar to a flag book.

Add your Project Life pages in by adhering to the folds along the accordion.

I tried to vary where I placed them and in which direction I placed them.  For instance, I might place a 4 inch by 6 inch horizontally one time and vertically the next time.  I might place the two three inch by 6 inch pockets higher up along the spine or lower on the spine for added visual interest.

I used a variety of free printable Project Life cards and purchased Project Life cards.

You will end up with one accordion piece at the end that you will adhere to the back cover of your mini album.

I used a piece of 6 inch by 4 inch coordinating scrapbook paper to wrap around the spine.

Here is the inside of the mini scrapbook.

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